Course Syllabus

CS 6956-001 Spring 2024 Medical Robotics

In this course we will cover a wide variety of topics related to medical, surgical, interventional, and diagnostic robotics. This will include topics such as commercial surgical robot systems, medical imaging, telemanipulation, surgical robotics mechanisms, registration, microrobots in medicine, continuum medical robots, and motion planning and automation for medical robots.

Medical robotics is a broad and highly interdisciplinary field. As such students with a wide variety of backgrounds are encouraged, However a strong foundation in linear algebra and calculus is recommended.

Coursework will consist of three types of assignments. Homework assignments will range from written reading summaries, to short problem sets, to preparing a presentation about a modern medical robotics research paper. A large focus of the course will be a semester-long group project. This project will represent the majority of graded content and will have many components spread throughout the semester. Components of the project will include a project proposal document/presentation, written literature review, initial write-up, classmate peer-review, response to reviewers, final write-up, and final presentation.

An important aspect of the course will be in-class discussion of modern medical robotics topics. As such, you are expected to participate in the in-class discussions most days, and a portion of your grade will be tied to this.

Materials: There is no textbook for this course, however we will have readings associated with many lectures. You should read this material and come prepared to class. These materials will be provided for you via the Course Schedule page in canvas.

Class Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 3:40 PM - 5:00 PM

Class Location: GC 2660

Instructor: Alan Kuntz

Office Hours: Fridays 2pm MEB 2162

It is best to contact me through canvas, as this will correctly classify your email so that I'm less likely to miss it.

TA: Nick Posselli

      Office Hours: Wednesdays 4pm via Zoom:

Passcode: 565193


Class Schedule

See an evolving class schedule here: Course Schedule


Overall grades will be determined from:

  • Homework Assignments (20%)
  • Project (75%)
  • Class Participation (5%)

Assignments (homework and projects) must be turned in electronically by midnight on the listed due date unless otherwise specified. Assignments may be turned in up to two days late. A penalty of 10% per day will be assessed. The weekend counts as one day.

There are no exams.


Student Mental Health Resources

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