Course Syllabus


  • EAE:MGS Student


  • Email or call the teaching staff.

Hardware/Software Used in the Class

  • EAE Studio (Building 72) has all of the computes that you need. 


  • No books used.  See the resources page for any tools or documentation needed for a particular project.


Your grade will consist of an evaluation of your performance in the class based on the following elements.  In general your grade consists of two components, the success of your team on each prototype and your individual contributions to that success.  The individual components include:

  • Class participation (being in class on time and participating in your individual or team duties)
  • Documenting your efforts during each prototype.
  • Contributing your skills to your team (programming, production, design, art, etc.)

Homework Due Time

  • See lectures page.

Student Code

Flake Out

  • We plan to carefully monitor all work and anyone that flakes out on their duties will be in danger of failing the class. If you see this happening on your team, please notify the instructors immediately.

Appeals Procedures, Withdrawal Procedures, Repeating Courses, Adding Courses, and Americans with Disabilities Act

  • The information on these topics is college wide and provided here.

Course Summary:

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