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Robotics Seminar


The Robotics Seminar is required for all new robotics students. It can also be taken by students wishing to learn more about robotics at Utah. It is a chance for the Utah robotics community to get together on a weekly basis. In the fall, the course features technical presentations by robotics graduate students, faculty or distinguished visitors, and discussions of recent trends and important results elsewhere. In the Fall, the class features student presentations reviewing recent robotics publications.

What does this course offer you?

The Robotics Seminar offers you a chance to learn about a wide variety of exciting research going on in the field of robotics both here at Utah and around the world. You will get to know other graduate students in your cohort, building relationships that will help you throughout your graduate career. Finally, you will improve your skills in reading, critiquing, and presenting on robotics research.

How are you, exactly, going to achieve this?

You will learn about robotics researchers by actively participating in research presentation from researchers here at Utah, as well as visitors from other institutions.

Second, you will read, critique, and present on research of interest to you done by other researchers.

Third, you will review and critique the presentations of your peers to aid them in their presentations, and hone your own abilities in analyzing what are effective and ineffective ways to present material.

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