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The SB Evolution Landscape Supplies a Complete Assortment of landscaping services to Both Residential and Commercial Clients in Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Benito Counties, along with the Total Monterey Bay Region.

Our team of professionals provides routine maintenance of your yard and gardens and specializes in irrigation water and services management. Our staff can design and plant a fresh landscape, set up hardscaping and lighting, and supply drainage and erosion options to guard your premises and buildings.

Residential and Commercial Landscape Maintenance

The SB Evolution Landscape Provides landscape maintenance to Commercial and Residential Clients Across Santa Barbara.

As a full-size lawn and landscaping business, we can preserve your plant, flower, and shrub decorations; mow, fertilize, and keep your bud; and provide lots of different solutions which keep your lawn looking its finest. We can deal with your whole lawn care providers or just execute exceptional solutions on an as-needed foundation to maintain your property looking fantastic during the entire year.

Experienced, uniformed care teams set the standard daily at planting, weed control, pruning, irrigation management, upkeep and repair, and discoloration.

The Landscape Company quality, imagination, and expertise have allowed us to grow into one of the Bay Area's premier home landscape and lawn maintenance businesses. We're entrusted to keep the grounds of several high-profile possessions. All gardening and care providers are custom-designed to represent a client's preferences and way of life.

Irrigation Services

Irrigation Systems Santa Barbara correctly designed and functioning irrigation system can help to maintain your landscape healthy throughout the dry Central Coast summertime by ensuring optimum watering. The SB Evolution Landscape can layout whole irrigation systems for your whole yard and landscaping or change and add new zones into your own system so as to accommodate a shift in landscaping, in addition to changes from season to season.

The Landscape Company in Santa Barbara, we put in new irrigation systems for both residential and industrial clients in Santa Barbara and the surrounding regions. We can put in your sprinkler system utilizing water-wise conservation principles. Following your brand new irrigation system is set up, we'll help you through the way the new system functions, describe to you the way you can run your system and carry out any necessary activities to keep your system functioning correctly.

We could also supply maintenance and repair services for any kind or manufacturer of irrigation method. We can execute the essential irrigation system repairs which will help keep your system functioning properly and help keep your yard looking it's very best.

Irrigation system installation

As a seasoned landscaping business in the Monterey Bay region, we can provide expert irrigation system installation services for residential and commercial clients. Our specialists will evaluate your landscaping and lawn when installing and designing your irrigation system so as to guarantee appropriate system design. We could install new irrigation methods and alter new zones within a lawn.

Irrigation system maintenance services

Together with our comprehensive irrigation system maintenance solutions, we can repair and service all brands and types of irrigation and irrigation systems for residential and industrial clients at the Santa Barbara. We can even inspect, examine, and fix your system as required to make sure it is functioning properly. If you'd like to find out more about some of our irrigation system solutions, please contact the Landscape Company.

Landscape Installation

Whether starting from a bare floor or renovating a present landscape we could make your vision come to life. In the modern water-conscious surroundings there are a range of landscaping options available to customers and companies. Drought tolerant, native plants, water-wise, very low care, deer resistant, Xeriscape and water conservation are concepts we're intimately acquainted with in The Landscape Company -- and we all are prepared to assist our customers to understand how those ideas may work for these.

Drought Tolerant: Drought tolerant plants and landscaping can grow or flourish with minimal rain or water, drought-resistant plants may endure for extended stretches of time . Water-wise describes landscaping with plants that grow well in a backyard that oversees water wisely. Succulents are a frequent sort of drought tolerant plant from Santa Barbara.

Native Plants: Many drought tolerant crops are exactly what are believed native plants in a specific area. They're the trees, plants, and trees which spanned the Northern California landscape before settlers showed up along with different crops and a garden hose.

Low Care: All landscaping needs a while to stay appealing. Even though a garden certainly boosts your house's curb appeal, in addition, it claims a great deal of your spare time. There is nothing as a maintenance-free backyard, but picking smarter plantings will cut back on the amount of watering and pruning required.

Xeriscape: Xeriscape is often utilized to summarize a landscaping design which utilizes drought-tolerant plants to help conserve water and occasionally utilized to summarize a design which uses no water.

Deer Resistant: Though no other plant is 100-percent"deer-proof," there are quite a few flowers, trees and shrubs deer avoid, which may be impacted by the strain put on their favorite sources of meals. Many deer in Santa Barbara have not read the listing of crops they aren't supposed to consume.

Consequently, the only certain way of preventing harm would be to enclose an area with deer fencing or unpack the crops in net, a far more expensive alternative to reducing the temptation.

Landscape Design

We have been producing beautiful landscapes in Santa Barbara for at least 24 decades.

Landscape Designer, A California native plant herself, SB Evolution Landscape started her career at the retail store industry creating an intimate understanding of plants and the environment. After her enthusiasm of designing fantasy landscapes, she moved on to study horticulture and landscape design. That fire can be understood from the largely native, non - water, low-maintenance, yet tasteful, landscapes she generates.

With amazing experience working together with the many microclimates located at the Santa Barbara and Monterey area, SB Evolution Landscape supplies landscape and backyard consulting, site analysis, conceptual, preliminary, and colored blueprint design solutions. Her services include plant selection, design and supervision from concept to completion. Furthermore, SB Evolution Landscape offers private shopping for plant containers and material for home, office, deck or terrace.

Specialty designs comprise custom-themed and custom-container gardens; butterfly and hummingbird gardens; bull and drought-resistant gardens; pond and bog gardens with water features; enchanting, indigenous, tropical, and Mediterranean gardens; and also fragrant and vibrant gardens which will blossom year-round.

Formerly employed as a volunteer for the Santa Barbara, SB Evolution Landscape gained an extensive understanding of the soil forms which optimize plant growth and reduce or control erosion.

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