Microsoft DP-900 Exam

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To appear on this exam, you should have a foundational knowledge of core data concepts and how they are implemented using Azure data services. Exam DP-900 is for the candidates beginning to work with data in the cloud. You must be familiar with the concepts of rational and non-rational data, different kinds of data workloads like analytical or transactional. Get started with this exam and make a successful career.

Skills measured:

  • After taking exam you can describe data concepts
  • How rational data work on Azure
  • How to work with non-rational data
  • Analytics workload on Azure

How can I prepare the exam?

You can prepare the exam with the help of instructor led training and online free. If you want to get good percentage then download the DP-900 dumps questions. The exam questions are according to the format of DP-900 exam. Microsoft DP-900 practice test questions are also important to prepare. Practice is necessary to memorize the DP-900 questions. You can self validate your skills after taking the quiz test.

Who can appear on this exam?

  • If you are starting out in the topics of cloud data, you can appear on DP-900 exam.
  • If you want to learn basics of Azure data certifications


Microsoft Azure is one of the cloud providers. This vendor is taken as an optional step in learning about cloud and its concepts. You can take this exam if you are a beginner to the cloud. If you want to learn Microsoft Azure concepts, then this exam is for you. This exam is very simple and your first step towards the database journey. There are numerous platforms from where you can learn the exam questions. The video lessons are helpful for you to prepare the DP-900 exam. DP-900 training sessions are held for the students. You can also take the DP-900 practice test.

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