How to Avoid Essay Writing Pitfalls When you are an ESL Speaker

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Writing essays when English is not your first language is a very daunting task. ESL students can easily get confused with the tense structure, grammar and the way informal speech is written. In fact, English can put you in a lot of trouble if it is not your native language and in particular academic wiring can become a big challenge. 

However, you can master the language like a native. All it takes is a constant practice. And somewhere in the practice process, you will start identifying common mistakes but there are excellent write my essay for me services available for professional help.

Not having enough time for practice? What about a shortcut? Go through this list of common ESL mistakes to see if you are making some of them in your paper or not.


  • Using Social Media Language 

Academic writing is serious writing based on facts and evidence. It is completely different from the way you present your ideas on social media. It is important to maintain a professional tone throughout your essay even if you are writing a personal essay. 


  • Inconsistency In Spelling

Keep in mind there are minor differences between American and British English. For a good academic paper, it is important to maintain one style of spelling throughout the paper. 


  • Relying too much on the grammar checker

Do not rely completely on grammar checker as it won’t recognize all the mistakes. Although it is a good practice to use this tool every time you finish writing. But it is more important to manually check your paper for spelling and grammar mistakes before you submit your final draft. 


  • Using the first-person expression

Avoid using the first-person perspective as it will make your paper look informal. Academic writing is not about your opinion, it is about in-depth research to provide facts and evidence. 


  • Incorrect capitalization

Students make this mistake more often as they capitalize words they find important. But this is not true. Proper nouns are capitalized and not the common nouns. First word to be capitalized at the beginning of the sentence. 

So, can you recognize these mistakes in your paper? If you are at this part of the article, it means you are still confused about your writing skills. Don’t worry there is a better option available. Hire a reliable write essay for me in case you don’t know how to write a pitch-perfect essay. 

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