Custom Cookie Boxes Designs for Cookie Lovers!

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A food item that is made out of flour, sugar and a type of oil. Cookies are food items that are small in size and round in shapes. This food item is either, cooked or baked containing several ingredients like oats, nuts, raisins, and chocolate chips. These sugar-filled delights are consumed on a large base all around the world by thousands and millions of people daily.

Some of the best brands who have expertise in the manufacturing of cookies all around the world are as follows:

  • Oreo
  • Chips Ahoy
  • Keebler
  • Pepperidge Farm
  • Nilla
  • Pillsbury
  • Famous Amos
  • Nestle

All of these brands offer several different types of cookies with different flavors and distinctive ways of preparation in order to stand out from one another. The market of competition for every kind of products by different brands is tough, there is a lot of competition among these brands, and the fight to reach the top continues to go on.

Other than the rivalry between food manufacturers in terms of the taste of cookies, the cookie boxes play a vital role to enhance the customer market. It is the outlook of product packaging, which greatly initiate sales. It is and it has always been in the nature of human beings to get attracted to things that look better than the rest, therefore, this human psyche can be implied in the packaging of cookies to get a better audience of customers.

This section is about various designs of boxes for cookies and some of the most innovative and outstanding designs are as follows:

The Rolling Cases

One of the most exquisite ways of packing cookies in a box to maintain safety and to ensure a better audience is by using the rolling cases. This extraordinary design for the eatable is of a spherical shape that looks like a compact cylinder.

The Design

It is designed by measuring the diameter of cookies and making sure that the rolling cases have minimum difference of diameters, to fit in the cookies safely. Most attractive feature of these cases is that they are round, look like a cylinder, and can contain many cookies safely. Moreover, these can be designed with lids on top of the spheres, or these can designed to be opened from the centre like a normal flip lid box

Material and Printing

The material used in the manufacturing process includes Kraft, cardboard, plastic, and metal. The most durable and attractive form is the use of metals with the embossment of prints on them. These Custom Printed Cookie Boxes offered by PakBoxes deliver a sense of luxury for the person who holds it.

These can be designed with lids on top of the spheres, or these can be designed to be opened from the centre like a normal flip lid box.

Vintage Ligneous Box

Another outstanding way of packing the cookies in different compartments is by the use of vintage ligneous boxes. These wooden encasements give out a sense of freshness for the person who sees it, uses it, and keeps the cookies in it.

The Design

These cases are designed to be the slide in containers. The lid of the box is slid on to the top using a small railing, which ensures the airtightness of the food product stored inside. Moreover, separate compartments are made to behold different flavour of cookies.

Material and Printing

The printing on these boxes is done through the old method of carving, though; machines are used to carve in the wood and lastly, the polish is used to make the wood shine.

The material used in these wooden boxes is high-quality timber, maple, oak, birch, etc.

Paper Bags

One of the best ways to contain a single cookie is by using small paper bags. Many bakery outlets use this idea of handing over freshly baked cookies for two main reasons:

  1. Ease for the consumer by maintaining the hygiene factor.
  2. A very efficient way to satisfy customers as it is cost-efficient.

The Design and Prints

The manufacturing process of these boxes is very easy and efficient. These bags are mostly made in bulk, and the custom cookie boxes wholesale gets maximum advantage by this kind of production method. A single sheet of thin paper is sent for the printing of logos, abstracts, and business information on the back. Furthermore, it is made into a shape of a small bag by folding the sides by the help of glue.


The most common and widely used material in the production of paper is wood pulp. However, cotton and some other fibres are also used to manufacture it.

Final Words

There are several other design options to manufacture the custom cookie boxes USA. Some of these designs include the die cut encasements, double glazed boxes, Kraft packages, Paper envelopes for cookies, etc. The point of note is that the reason to use these packaging styles is to ensure the enhancement of business, which uses it and to increase their sales by doing so.


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