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Have you ever wondered where all the men or women are? Or perhaps asked yourself the question: why is the possibility of finding a mate in my area, or, God forbid, my country so low?

Ever considered moving to better your chances?

Guess what — if you are then I’ve got this bit of info for you. Perhaps it’ll help you decide what country you might consider migrating to. Hehehe.

Top 5 Countries 

      with the

 highest male and female population


 [Ranked, 1 being the highest]

    • 1. India
    • 2. China
    • 3. European Union
    • 4. Indonesia
    • 5. Pakistan

For ages 15 - 64 years, male and female.

The US is only ranked 7th and my country, Philippines, ranked 13th.

Alright. I may only be half serious in writing this post but at least I can say it’s factual, right?

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Columbus Backpage personals

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Ogallala Backpage personals

And now for the second date…

Okay, so the first date’s over and done with. Now, you’re faced with the question, will I go out with him or her again?

Yes? Well, if you’ve decided to go ahead and see the other person again, check out Jeff Cohen’s Date #2 Rule of Thumb. I totally agree that interactive dates are a better bet than movie dates!

Who is Jeff Cohen you ask? Well, I also asked myself that question when I came across his Dating Weblog over at Creative Weblogging. His name was so familiar! No, silly. I certainly did not go out with him. He’s married for crying out loud! Heh.

Anyway, Jeff happens to be an About Guide on Dating. I then remembered applying to be a guest blogger there before I became a Dating Dame. Yea, sadly, it didn’t work out. Ah, well — I’m a good sport, though. Hahaha.

It’s nice to have crossed paths again, Jeff!

Do Opposites Attract?

The old verbage makes a great deal of sense when you take into consideration that all things need balance.  By being drawn to someone who possess personality traits that you may lack in can lend way to providing a balance in yourself.  Don’t you think?

When you are involved with someone much like yourself, what is there left to experience?

We’ve all met significant others at school, work, church or through a relative or friend and even on the internet isn’t all that different these days - so what about the old saying “when it’s meant to happen, love will find you?”

What’s the most unique way in which you or someone you know has met their partner or former long term relationship love?

Is the produce isle really what it used to be?


I’ll start…

A couple I know who’ve been happily married for over 10 years met at the local parent meeting place for the exchange of kids on visitation nights.

Every Wednesday and every other Friday, our local McDonald’s seems like an ocean filled with single parents trading off kids.  I have to admit, it’s a cleaver way of meeting people and to know they are obviously single and even what weekends they’re likely to be free.

Now it’s your turn :)

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