22 Ways CEOs Can Increase Workplace Productivity

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Becoming your own boss, much like a CEO is everybody’s dream. Being at the top of the hierarchy carries bountiful privileges and benefits. The company moves in your whims and liking, and you get to choose which direction your business will flow.

But behind the prestige brought about by this title; working as a CEO is not as easy as it seems. A CEO carries pressures and responsibilities that are bigger, if not as big, as the company they are handling.

As a CEO, you should always be at your A-Game and be at your most productive self.

Productivity Starts With Character

Productivity will always begin with one’s self. How productive you are is just a manifestation of your drive and eagerness to become productive. It is a mirror of how well you know yourself and how much of what you know about yourself you are capable of utilizing. Therefore a better understanding of “you” makes you productive.

Being productive is when you realize your limitations. Handling matters which are not within your means can be counter-productive. If a task is too big for you, or when it falls in the domain of other disciplines where you do not have expertise in, try to ask for help. Passing the workload to experts will help you finish the job faster.

It can mean that you know your strengths and expertise. When you identify the fields where you are good at, take advantage of it! The more confident you are working on a task, the more efficient you are in handling it.

Clear Your Head In The Morning 

Starting your day with a clear mind is paramount to making your day more productive. Clearing your mind will help you think better and more efficiently. It also allows you to organize your thoughts and create simulations of expected possibilities for the day.

To do this you can do simple and non-taxing tasks that are not related to your work. You can listen to music, do light workouts or write about anything you like. Anything that can set your mood for the day will most likely be effective.

Take Good Care Of Yourself

As a CEO, there is nothing more important than being in your best shape to get the job done. A company needs a strong and healthy leader to lead them. Despite the grueling challenges brought about by your position, you should never forget to take good care of your health and your well-being.               

Handle your stressors better by eating healthy and exercising regularly. With a healthier body, you are more likely to be mentally and physically prepared for the challenges that are bound to arise. Studies also show that you become a more efficient person when you have a healthier body at your disposal.

Get Quality Sleep Nightly

Eating healthy is not the only thing important for your body. To get your mind at its top condition, it needs to get an ample amount of rest; and there’s no better way to give it rest than to sleep. Having a well-functioning mind is imperative for a leader to lead his people into becoming productive.

Get yourself a good sleeping schedule and see to it that you follow this. With a sound mind and a healthy body, you can assert yourself that you’ll be productive for the days to come.

Get Up Early

Probably a task which is required for anyone who wants to succeed in life. Waking up early doesn’t only entail the gift of being punctual at work; it also paves way for you to be more ready for tackling the day head-on. The earlier you wake-up, the more time you have to plan out your day’s course and review the things that you need.

BUT never forget to get enough sleep! Waking up too early and depriving yourself of sleep, without the necessity to do so, will defeat the advantages.

Handle Your Distractions Better

Distractions are the nemesis of focus. For example, taking care of customer calls and inquiries. These are absolutely important but are incredibly time consuming. They can easily bring down your productivity until leaving you with little, if none, to do important things. Best way to handle essential distractions? Find someone you can trust.

Finding a reliable subordinate or vendor would free your mind from the fluff and only handle things that are essential from the essentials.

Make A Checklist

This might be one of the most effective yet the most underappreciated methods to boost one’s productivity. Knowing what to do and knowing what you need will help you and your team prevent wasting unnecessary effort to do recalls.

Checklists have been around since the time humans realized the importance of not forgetting tasks and errands. It is a very effective tool that allows you to plot all the things you need to do for the day and the following days. Always remember to put even the most minor details in your checklist. Things forgotten might result in time wasted.

Identify Your Top Three

To work continuously with no interruptions, you will need to know the three most important tasks among the long list of work you need to do within the day. This will help you identify which ones are urgent and crucial, but never forget to mind about the minor tasks. Being able to secure the accomplishment of the most crucial tasks is a sign of productivity.

Difficult Tasks Come in First

Easier tasks won’t always mean they don’t need effort; these minor tasks may consume a huge amount of your patience and energy. For you to give your best in solving the most difficult tasks, you need to do them first. Attending them before the easy ones will ensure that you are at your best when you’re solving them.

Build Better Concepts

Originality and uniqueness are imperative to rise above your competitors. However, it is also beneficial for you to look at other techniques from similar and different industries. By innovating and improving already existing business strategies, you will be able to apply these new methods into your own business and maximize your business’ potential for profit and growth.

Learn From Experience

“Always learn from your mistakes, take every experience as an opportunity to become better”. This might seem like a cliché but it holds the truth in it. To become productive, you should learn to avoid making the same mistakes. Every mistake may produce a fatal effect in your business, and even if the effects are minor, you would still be paying opportunity costs.

Widen Your Connection

Having connections will help you become more productive in your field. Being acquainted with important people, may it be within your own or from other disciplines, will help you bring out the best possible outcome for you and your company. Always remember, more heads are more productive than one.

Assess Yourself

Always look at how you are doing with your tasks from time to time. Ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing enough?”, “Is this the right thing to do?”, “What else can I do?”, and such questions. 

Challenge yourself by answering your questions honestly. This can serve as a motivation for you to do better in your tasks. A motivated leader can lead a company better, and this equates to better productivity.

bIf you want to be productive, then planning ahead of time might be in your best interest. Knowing what to do for the whole working day is the easiest way for you to complete your tasks. You become more productive when you plan out your activities for the day because you get to do your work in a systematic and arranged manner. Less time is wasted and less effort is spent on doing redos.

Communicate Constantly

“Communication is the key” is a phrase often encountered when talking about productivity, and indeed it is a key factor that may determine how productive you and your company will be. Having a good communication system with your employees and peers will make room for a better working environment.

To be able to boost productivity, there should be greater coordination between all levels of the working force. This is only attainable if there is good communication between all parties, so do your best to communicate and connect well.

Never Procrastinate

Procrastinating is a mortal sin in the workplace. When you procrastinate, not only will you waste a significant amount of time, you will also become less and less productive as time goes by. Setting aside tasks for some other time will increase the risk of misses and renders your working habit to cramming. Your outputs can be of less quality due to this, so do your best not to procrastinate.


The internet has brought people from all around the world closer to each other. The world wide web is now limitless and we can do anything that we want to do with this tool. However, this connection also poses a threat to productivity and concentration. Being engrossed in the internet may render you and your workers to be less productive.

If you feel that the internet is becoming a hindrance to your work, then try to disconnect. Detach yourself from the leisure of connection and start focusing on the tasks that need your full attention.

Hire Amazing People

You may be at the top of the hierarchy, but you should understand that you’re not the only one working on your company’s task. Hire people whom you can trust, this will help you become more productive. People who work as diligently as you will boost your company’s productivity by many folds. 

Outsource to a reliable provider if you need to, many companies offer qualified and trust-worthy individuals who get the job done.

Every Bit Of Your Time Counts

Working on your tasks fast is a good way to increase productivity. The sooner you are in completing one of your tasks, the more time you have to do your other tasks. Faster working time completion = more tasks are done within a given time = productive work.

Be Goal-Driven

Always keep your goals in mind! Remember why you started what you are doing and try to stick to the initial plan. A clear motivation will serve as a fuel to help you run through the process of success.


Learn to trust your people; they will be able to work for you better if they know that you trust them. Delegate some tasks and show them that you have confidence in their capabilities to complete the assignments you have assigned them. Studies show that employees who know that they are trusted work better and more extensive to protect the trust that is given to them.

Be Mindful

Never forget your basic values as a human being; be kind to your workers and peers. Your workers will respond better to your requests when they feel comfortable around you. Building rapport and making good relationships with the people around you will increase your productivity by establishing an environment that is light and conducive for working.

Have Contingency Plans

Be ready for failures, nobody knows what the future holds. Even the most meticulously planned ideas could be ruined; so always prepare your plan B and C. 

With a back-up plan, you will not only be able to save your company and your reputation, but you will also instill confidence in your customers. Being able to execute your plans well is tantamount to being productive.

Take Away: A Productive Workplace Needs A Productive Leader

A productive workplace is nothing without someone, equally as productive, leading it. There should be a balance between the productivity of the CEO and the workers. One cannot be productive without the other being as productive as the other. As a CEO, be as productive as you can be to influence your workplace. This will help your company improve into a new level of productivity.

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