Things to Be Changed in The US Education

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Things to Be Changed in The US Education

The education system in the USA has come a long way. Although the system is extremely structured and well-developed, there are still things that can change. No education system is perfect and the chances are that there will never be one. This is not a reason to leave the system as it is. 

If something is flawed, then someone has to at least try and fix it. Sometimes, things don’t change because it’s the way that it has always been done. In many cases, people don’t even know why something is done in a certain way. Let’s look at some changes that can be made, though. 


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Healthier environment

Let’s face it. Most cafeterias don’t have the healthiest foods around, not are the school grounds conducive to an active lifestyle. Obesity is on the rise and things need to be put in place to help the students become more active and lead healthier lifestyles. 

Year-round schooling

Summer vacation is too long. The gap between one school year and the next is too big. By the time students go back to school, they have forgotten much of what they learned earlier. Kids would have year-round practice and retain more of what they learned. 

Extended life skills

Although life skills is already a part of the American education system, the world is a much more challenging place than two decades ago. If you think about it, there was no such thing as online writing help around a decade back. Now, online writing help forms an integral part of a student’s life in the USA and Canada. 

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Later start for high school    

Teenagers need more sleep and when they turn 14, their circadian rhythms change so that they tend to go to bed later and wake up later. Starting school a bit later will help them focus more during the day. This leaves them with enough time in the evening to complete their homework. 

If they have sports practice, dance classes, or any other extracurriculars that they are a part of, they can use service to write essays or to do their homework. It can also help them with other writing assignments like coursework and term papers. 

Tenure reform

Whether you are speaking about education USA, or education in Canada, a tenure reform needs to be implemented. Some teachers should never even have been allowed to teach, not because they will go out of their way to harm a child, but because teachers are very specific people. Find the common denominator and you will find excellent teachers.


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Reward students

There is a fine line between spoil and reward. Studies have shown that when you reward students correctly, they will do better. Everyone loves to be rewarded and if you know what behavior exacts a reward, the chances are that you will do it again. 

Reduced homework

Give the kids a break, if you are going to implement such a long break, then let it be a break and not a break with strings attached. Like adults, students also need a break. It has been proven that a well-rested person will be more productive than a person who isn’t.

Pay them what they are worth

Many people become teachers because the pay isn’t that bad and the job is steady. For real teachers who do their job well, this is a bit of an insult. If you are a good teacher, you should be paid accordingly. This will also attract the right people for the job. 

De-standardize tests

In theory, standardized tests are great, but they don’t cater for the odd ones who don’t fit the mold of the vast majority. Some kids lose out because they don’t get the opportunity to show their skills. Their creativity is drowned in the mundane and so does the potential to change the world. 


There are many more things that can change in the US education system, but starting somewhere is better than staring at what there is and being complacent about it. The teachers who are in the thick of things have a voice and their concerns need to be heard. 

After all, no one will be able to give you a better account of the current state of affairs than the people who are at the front lines. The world is changing and the education system has to change with it if the children of today are to be prepared for tomorrow. 

Author Bio:

Elizabeth Skinner is an education expert working with several organizations for the development of technology and improving pedagogy at college and university level. She shares her ideas and puts forward her opinions through her blog and podcasts. In her free time, she helps students develop their writing skills, practices yoga and hits the gym for workout. 

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