Homemade Memory

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Remember the game Memory? Well, by gathering things from around the house, you can play!

Your Instructor: Karen

Difficulty: Easy

Length of Activity: 30 Minutes


  • At least 6 sets of identical objects found around the house. 
  • At least 12 Identical Cups
  • A flat surface

Follow Along Below

Written Instructions (Printable PDF

1. Gather 6 sets of things around the house that are identical. a. Examples: Paperclips, Bouncy Balls, Rubber Bands, Lids, String etc

2. Set out 12 Cups and place the items in random order underneath them.

3. Move the cups all around until you don’t remember where any of the items are.

4. You can play this with a partner, in a group or by yourself!

5. The game is played just like the game Memory. a. You go around taking turns turning two cups over, looking inside and placing the cup back down. b. When you uncover two things that match, you win those two items. The way you do this is by remembering what is under each cup and then selecting those two items. c. At the end when all the items have been uncovered, whoever turned over the most, wins.

6. Repeat with different objects or by adding more rows of cups. As long as it is an even number of items and cups, you are set! Have fun!