Felt Flower Pins

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Make some wearable art using felt and markers!

Your Instructor: Tia

Difficulty: Medium

Length of Activity: 20 Minutes

Parental Warning: Scissor Use


  • 2 Pieces of colored felt
  • Scissors
  • Felt tip markers or pens
  • Tacky glue
  • Safety pin

Follow Along Below

Written Instructions (Printable PDF)

  1. Trace and cut a flower shape from a piece of felt
  2. Trace and cut a small circle from a different colored piece of felt for the center part of your flower.
  3. Use tacky glue to glue the center piece to the middle of your flower. Let dry.
  4. Use sharpies or other felt tipped markers to draw designs on the flower.
  5. Pin a small safety pin through the back of the pin, trying to keep the safety pin underneath the center piece of the flower (to hide the safety pin).
  6. Pin your new pin on a shirt or article of clothing of your choice!