Watercolor With Salt

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Try out some easy techniques and create a fun abstract watercolor painting!

Your Instructor: Emily


Length of Activity: 20 Minutes


  •  Watercolor paint 
  • Cup(s) of water 
  • Paint brush
  • Salt
  • • Paper towel
  • Watercolor or other paper
  • Newspaper (optional)

Follow Along Below

Written Instructions (Printable PDF)

  1. Paint water on both sides of the paper first
  2. Add one primary color (red, yellow, or blue) to the wet paper
  3. Add a second primary color and let portions of the colors mix together
  4. Add other colors as desired to fill in the white of the paper
  5. Use gravity to move wet colors
  6. Sprinkle salt on the wet painting
  7. Dry the painting for several hours, then brush off the salt with your hand