Rubber Band Stamps

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Use rubber bands, paint, and glue to make prints and create unique artwork!

Your Instructor: Tia

Difficulty: Easy

Length of Activity: 45 Minutes

Parental Warnings: Scissor use


  • Pen or Pencil
  • Paintbrush
  • Rubber bands
  • Scissors
  • Elmers liquid glue
  • Acrylic or Tempera Paint
  • Thick cardboard 
  • Construction Paper
  • Disposable cups for paint water and glue

Follow Along Below

Written Instructions (Printable PDF)

  1. Use a ballpoint point pen to draw a simple design on a thick piece of cardboard.
  2. Paint over the cardboard with a thick layer of glue.
  3. Cut pieces of the thick rubber bands to fit the main shapes of your design, press them on the cardboard firmly to glue them down.
  4. Cut pieces of a narrower rubber band for the details of your design and glue down to the cardboard. Optional: Cut squares from a thick rubber band and press onto the background of your design.
  5. When the glue has dried, use a paintbrush to evenly coat the rubber bands with the paint color of your choice (try to avoid getting paint on the cardboard).
  6. Lay the painted cardboard on a piece of paper, press all over the back, then lift it off. Optional: decorate the background of the print.
  7. Let the paint dry and sign your masterpiece!