Lizard Keychains

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This will show you how to make the fun and unique keychain that reminds us of camp!

Your Instructor: Keira

Difficulty: Medium

Length of Activity: 30 Minutes

Parental Warnings: Scissor use


  • Key ring
  • Boondoggle string
  • 50 beads (32-body, 2-eyes, 12-hands/feet, 4-stomach)
  • Scissors

Follow Along Below

Written Instructions (Printable PDF)

  1. Measure boondoggle from top of head to your knee.
  2. Create a knot to tie your boondoggle string to your keyring.
  3. On the left strand of string, put one body color bead through.
  4. Take the right strand put it through the bead in the opposite direction.
  5. Pull both ends of the string until the bead meets the knot you made.
  6. Continue this threading process with two body color beads, two eye beads and a body color bead, and an additional two body color beads.
  7. For the hands/arms put two body color beads and three hand color beads on your right string.
  8. Let the five beads fall down the string to meet the other beads.
  9. Put the same string that your beads are on through the two body color beads only.
  10. Hold onto the body color beads while you pull the string.
  11. Repeat the arm threading on the left side.
  12. Continue with two body color beads and our original threading method.
  13. Add two body color beads and a stomach bead, two body color beads and two stomach beads, two body color beads and a stomach bead, and two more body color beads.
  14. Repeat the hand/arm threading method on the left and right string strand.
  15. Finish off the tail with our original threading process with only one bead.
  16. Thread five body color beads individually.
  17. Tie off the end and cut the excess string off.
  18. Hang anywhere and show off your new keychain.