Nature Scavenger Hunt

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Get outside to notice the colors all around you!

Your Instructor: Karen

Difficulty: Easy

Length of Activity: 30-45 Minutes


  • Paper 
  • Colored Pencils or Crayons

Follow Along Below

Written Instructions ( Printable PDF )

  1. Get a piece of paper and write "Nature Scavenger Hunt" followed by marks of colored pencil for every color you want.
  2. Head outside to find Items that match the colors on the sheet.
  3. Make sure not to take flowers off of bushes or trees owned by other people. Make sure you also have permission from you parents to pick flowers from your own property. Weeds are okay to pick. If you are unsure, ask an adult If you can pick. Flowers that have fallen on the ground are okay.
  4. Go back Inside and look at your color wheel of nature! Take pictures to remember this fun experience.