Garden in a Jar

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Create a semi-self sustaining garden in a jar!

Your Instructor: Tia

Difficulty: Medium

Length of Activity: 10 Minutes


  • Clear glass jar
  • Activated charcoal (optional)
  • Gravel or small rocks
  • Potting Soil
  • • 1-3 small plants (succulents or ferns are recommended )

Follow Along Below

Written Instructions (Printable PDF)

  1. 1. Rinse and dry your glass jar.
  2. (Optional) Fill the bottom of the jar with a small layer of activated charcoal. This will help keep the jar moist and help the plant live longer.
  3. Add a 1-inch layer of small rocks or gravel for drainage.
  4. Add a thick layer of potting soil.
  5. Plant small succulents or ferns in your jar. Plant no more than 1 plant per 1inch diameter.
  6. Once you have planted your plants, add a small layer of decorative rocks or moss.
  7. To care for your garden in a jar, try to keep the jar fairly moist. If the jar is dry (no condensation on the inside glass), spray it lightly with water. Avoid Overwatering.